Latest version: v2.53
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Release Notes V2.39.0


The service update (v2.39.0) on 16/12/2016 has brought the following:


  • Fixed an issue with scrolling in iOS.
  • Fixed styling issues in the Welcome Screen.
  • Fixed styling issues with incorrect validation messages position in SSO settings with oAuth2 selected.
  • Fixed an issue when configuring SSO for OnPremises, the Active Directory server address was set to null.
  • Fixed styling issue on iOS, email refresh action remained highlighted after pushing it.
  • Fixed incorrect styling of date/time picker in Business App record in IE and Edge.
  • Fixed incorrect styling of notification messages on public pages.
  • Fixed incorrect background color of Folder link control sign in Business App record.
  • Fixed an issue in IE and Edge with combo-box record when it was flickering between multiple colors on opening.
  • Fixed an issue that two records in Recent list are displayed when opened a Business app record in Read only mode and after that in Edit mode.


  • Improved security of the product.
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