Latest version: v2.54
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4. Get AAD Information for the Workspace 365 Sync tool



Be aware that you need to install Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0


Azure AD to Workspace 365 sync tool needs information about your Azure AD and information about client application in AAD, which will be used as a connection to AAD. There are settings need to be found in AAD for sync tool:

  • Tenant ID
  • Tenant Name
  • Client ID
  • ClientSecretKey

Login to and Open you Azure AD Apps. Check the URL, it must be like this:

Tenant Name
Tenant ID         892f5ba9-07a2-463e-9583-50a00ac7ba2a

Also the Tenant ID you can find by clicking on the VIEW ENDPOINTS button at the bottom of the APPLICATIONS page for your directory.

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