Latest version: v2.53
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2. Create client application in Azure for the AD Synctool



Be aware that you need to install Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0


These are the steps to create the Client App in AAD:

  • Sign in to the Azure management portal.
  • Click on Active Directory in the left hand nav.
  • Click the directory tenant where you wish to register the sample application.
  • Click the Applications tab.
  • In the drawer, click Add.
  • Click "Add an application my organization is developing".
  • Enter a friendly name for the application, for example "sync tool app", select "Web Application and/or Web API", and click next.



  • This is not used for the console app, so is only needed for this initial configuration: http://sync-tool-app. For the App ID URI, enter http://sync-tool-app. Click the checkmark to complete the initial configuration.

While still in the Azure portal, click the Configure tab of your application.

Find the Client ID value and copy it aside, you will need this later when configuring sync tool application.

Under the Keys section, select either a 1-year or 2-year key - the key Value (ClientSecretKey) will be displayed after you save the configuration at the end - it will be displayed, and you should save this to a secure location.


Note: The key value is only displayed once, and you will not be able to retrieve it later.


Configure Permissions - under the "Permissions to other applications" section, you will configure permissions to access Windows Azure Active Directory. 

Select the Save button at the bottom of the screen - upon successful configuration, your Key (ClientSecretKey) value should now be displayed - please copy and store this value in a secure location.



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