Step 1. Create a client application in Azure

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First, we need to create a client application in Azure for the AD synctool with the appropriate API permissions. This way, the Workspace its API accepts information from the synctool. 


Note: Please make sure you meet the requirements found here.
We recommend creating the required Azure AD application via the Azure AD:
  1. Go to Azure AD (
  2. Log in as an admin
  3. Go to App registrations and create a new app
    1. Fill in a name and click register
    2. Go to API Permissions and add the following permissions
    3. mceclip0.png
    4. Be sure you select Microsoft Graph -> Application permissions
    5. Be sure you grant the Admin consent on the permissions
    6. mceclip1.png
  4. Go to Certificates & Secrets 
    1. Create a new Client secret
    2. Fill in a description and expiry and click add.
  5. Copy the value so you can use it later on.
  6. Note down the following information:
    1. Application ID
    2. Tenant ID
    3. Tenant name, e.g.
    4. The client secret (value).
  7. This information is needed for the next step.

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