Step 2. Setup Workspace for Microsoft Entra sync

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We will guide you through the configuration in the Workspace, so that the environment is ready for sync requests from the AD synctool. 


Configuration Workspace

Enable sync from Microsoft Entra

  1. Go to the admin settings page.
  2. Go to Users & Groups.
  3. Select User Provisioning.
  4. Check the checkbox Enable sync from Azure AD.
    • Note: Be aware that stopping the sync and making user changes in Workspace may cause inconsistencies. We recommend to keep the sync enabled and to manage your users in Microsoft Entra ID.
  5. Click on Done. A new API key will be generated and displayed in the corresponding field.
  6. Copy the API key.
    • This key will only be displayed once, so make sure you save/note down this key. You will need this in the next step.

Be aware that the monthly invoice is based on the user status 'Active'. For more information, please refer to the article: About billing and invoicing.

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Manage Workspace 365 admin role

Under the User provisioning settings in the Workspace, you can manage the admin role from Azure AD or the Workspace. By default, the "Manage admin role from..." is set to Azure AD.

When this is set to Azure AD, users that are Global Administrator in Azure will be set in the Workspace as an admin (they will have the IsAdmin flag which Workspace looks at)

When this option is set to Workspace 365, you can determine from Workspace which users need to have the admin role.

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