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Sign-out redirect URL

Quick reference:
Settings -> Single Sign-On

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A Sign-out redirect URL will redirect you to the configured URL after signing out of Workspace 365. This can be used with all SSO types. From the Single Sign-On page, you can set the desired Sign-out redirect URL. In this article we describe the Sign-out redirect URL based on the SSO method oAuth2.


As an admin, go to:

  • Workspace settings and choose Single sign-on.
  • Make sure the manual setup for SSO is selected (for more information about the manual setup, click here).
  • Under Additional settings fill in the desired URL.
  • Save the settings by clicking on Done.

    For oAuth2 you need to complete the validation of the oAuth2 settings.


  • The Sign-out redirect URL is configured in Workspace 365.
  • Now, add the Sign-out redirect URL to Azure.
  • Open the Azure portal and the configured SSO app. The Sign-out redirect URL needs to be configured in the Reply URL section of the app.


  • After you have added the Sign-out redirect URL to the Reply URL section, you are done with the configuration.

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