Signout redirect URL

A Signout redirect URL will redirect you to the configured URL after Signing out of Workspace 365.

This can be used with all Single sign-on types. For Web Services Federation (WS-Fed) and oAuth2 you need to make an additional configuration for the reply URL in Azure.

As an Administrator it is possible to configure a Signout redirect URL. From the Single Sign-On page you can set the desired Signout redirect URL. In this article we describing the Signout redirect url based on the Single sign-on type oAuth2. 

As first you need to fill in the desired URL and save the settings. For oAuth2 you need to complete the validation of the oAuth2 settings. 


Now the Signout redirect URL is configured in Workspace 365, it is needed to add the Signout redirect URL to Azure.

If you have no Single Sign On method configured, the Signout redirect URL is now succesfully configured.

Open the Azure portal and the configured Single Sign On app. The Signout redirect URL needs to be configured in the Reply URL section of the app.


Afer you have added the Signout redirect URL to the Reply URL section, you are done with the configuration.