Workspace 365 successfully updated to v2.40.0


We've just successfully updated Workspace 365 towards version 2.40.0. The announced improvements are now live. The release notes of this update can be reviewed here:



The service update (v2.40.0) on 02/02/2017 has brought the following:


  • It’s now possible for users to show/hide sites and document libraries in the Documents app.
  • Added support for .dotx, .dotm and .docm file types.
  • Current version number of Workspace 365 is added to the instance operator panel.
  • Added new functionality for admins to disable the "Go to Outlook" action in the Email app.
  • Added possibility to specify Recipients via a Url when creating a new Email.
  • Changed the current document template function. It’s now possible to choose to open the document online or local.
  • Users now have possibility to create a document from a SharePoint document template in the Documents app.
  • We now support "ReturnUrl" in External Auth API.
  • Extended autocomplete with Suggested contacts in the Email app.


  • When the user tries to use his username in the password it will result in an error.
  • Fixed an issue when a user inputs data into the to/bcc/cc fields and tried to select a contact from the dropdown with arrow down key.
  • Incorrect counting of items in Recycle bin when cancelling the “Empty” action and infinite loading when clicked “Delete”.
  • It was impossible to change the profile image right after changing it.
  • Uploading of files containing special characters in Documents app failed.
  • Fixed styling issue with incorrect view of Workspace when user drag and drop tiles after placing new apps to the Workspace.
  • Incorrect behavior of the cross icon in Business App records overview search field in Internet Explorer.
  • When the user shared a document library or site with an Office 365 group from the Documents app, two identical results were shown.
  • Incorrect error handling when user tried to rename a file with a too long new filename.
  • A long Environment name caused an additional scrollbar to appear in the Workspace.
  • The “Apps Management” page was refreshed by pressing the Enter key in an input field.
  • When the user uses the “Move” and “Copy to” function from the Documents app, the function window was frozen.
  • Fixed an issue with templates from the Documents app which are in disabled document libraries and sites.
  • Several styling issues in Business app records.
  • Incorrect product name in "service emails".
  • When a user’s first and last name is updated, this was not updated in the title bar.
  • Fixed an issue with the visibility of shared groups on the Workspace, that was not saved in edit mode.


  • Security improvements of product.
  • Improved styling of Live tiles.
  • Improved performance used by “download documents as zip" feature. We reduced the number of files to 10 and a maximum of 50MB total. Folders are not supported anymore.
  • When using Office 365, Workspace 365 will try to configure Email via Exchange Online EWS Url automatically.
  • Disable External Auth API by default.
  • "Insert hyperlink" pop up styling updated.