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Quick reference:
Settings -> Users & Groups -> Group management
Quick reference:
Settings -> App store

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In Workspace 365 you can manage individual users and their permissions to specific apps when you don't have many users or applications. To make this more efficient for bigger Workspace environments, User Groups and Group Permissions were added to Workspace 365. This way the administrator is able to organize apps and permissions to them more quickly for multiple users simultaneously.

Only Workspace administrators are able to organize User Groups, Shared app Groups and app Permissions.

All users will have permissions for the default apps in Workspace, like the Documents app, Email app and Online Editor apps. For these default apps, permissions cannot be set. For non-default apps, permissions must be assigned. 


Create user groups

Login to the Workspace with an administrator account and navigate to Settings > Users & groups > Group Management.


Here, you can create your first User Group by clicking on “New”. By default, the Individual User list is opened. You can add individual users to the Group by checking their boxes and clicking “Done”. If you have a big list of users, you can search for specific users by using the search field and selecting the users afterwards.


You can also switch to already existing User Groups which also can be added to the currently opened Group by switching between the group or user icon.


When completed all preparations of the Group, click “Done”. You will now be redirected to the Groups overview (you can open the Group to find all specifics).

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Assign app permissions

After setting up the User Group, you can continue with assigning the permissions to the apps that need them. If you did not need or create a User Group, permission assigning to individual users will work almost identical from here on.

Navigate to “Settings” and “App store” and open the specific app which needs permissions.


By default, the Individual user list is opened. If you want to assign permissions for individual users, you can check the boxes and save by clicking “Done”.

If you want to assign the User Group to the app, switch to the User Group list by clicking it. More User Groups will be shown here if more were created. Check the box which is shown in front of the User Group name and click “Done” afterwards. Now you have assigned User Group permissions to the app. Which means that users can now make use of the app.

Note: They can find the app by clicking “Add new Apps” at the Workspace main page if not already shared via a Shared app Group by the Administrator.

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