Creating new users

Quick reference:
Settings -> Users & groups -> User management

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We recommend to create new users in Azure and not in the Workspace. 
Click here if you want more information on how to import users from Office 365 (groups).
When having Workspace 365 ordered via RoutIT, Ingram or Copaco, creation of new users is done in their ordering system. The information below does not apply to these customers.

Creating new users

  • Navigate to the Workspace settings > Users & groups > User management.
  • Click New.
  • Enter the personal data of your user and click Done. It is possible to add an existing Office 365 user, but you can also create a new Office 365 user;

When you choose to create a new Office 365 user, Workspace 365 will create this user with the same Office 365 license as the administrator. Please be aware that a license should be available.

By default, a registration email is send to the administrator. You can also change this email address to the email address of the new user.


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