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Workspace administrators can create "Shared tile groups" containing a specific combination of tiles which can be offered to users directly. This article explains how to create a Shared tile group, assigning permissions and making these groups visible on the dashboards of users.


Advantages of Shared tile groups

The advantages are:

  • Users will not have to create Personal tile groups and adding tiles via “Add tiles”, which saves a lot of time for users.
  • Administrators can fully preconfigure the Workspace and can be assured that these tiles are not manually changed by users. Only administrators can change the organization and content of tiles which are placed in Shared tile groups.
  • Administrators can force these Shared tile groups to be appearing directly on the Workspace main page when a user logs in & users can hide the group when not needed by removing the checkmark from the group.

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Create a new shared tile group

  • Login as administrator and click “Add tiles”.
  • Make sure all of the needed tiles for the Shared tiles group are added to the dashboard & saved.
  • Click on Groups and then “New shared group”.
  • A new empty group will appear on the dashboard. Make sure the tiles are added to the Shared tile group (you can do this by drag and dropping the tiles in the group).
  • Change the Shared tile group name if needed and afterwards click “Done”.
  • Now click the User Permissions button on the top right of the Shared tile group.

    By default, the Individual User List is opened as shown here. On the right side of the screen you can switch to the User Group List. The groups are now shown. Assign the group by marking the checkbox which is shown.



  • If you click “Done”, users from the User Group can find the Shared tile group by clicking the Groups button on their dashboard. They have to mark the checkbox to add it to the Workspace.
  • If you click “Done and make visible” you will be asked to verify if you really want to force these Shared tile groups to be visible directly on the Workspace of the permitted users.



  • Click “OK”. The Shared tile group will be automatically added to their dashboards and appear when they log in to their Workspace, which is very convenient for most users.

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Get embed URL

Some companies use multiple platforms for different employee groups to communicate and consume information. Why not extend these platforms and integrate all the applications you use? To make it easier to reach (web and RDP) applications or information based on people’s role, we now made it possible to integrate your Workspace 365 Shared tile groups within any platform that supports iFrames and is connected to OAuth/Azure for authentication. This allows people to easily access their legacy applications, such as RDP or Citrix apps, from all their platforms using Workspace 365.

This can be enabled by the IT-Partner. You need to change this config.


After changing this config, the link icon is enabled. This way you can get the URL and embed the tile group somewhere else.


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