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Workspace 365 requirements

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In this article you'll read about the Workspace requirements. 



Registration Workspace 365

Office 365 Global Admin + SharePoint + Exchange – Minimum Office 365 Business Basic. 

For the registration of a Workspace 365 environment, you need to have an Office 365 global admin with SharePoint and Exchange license

Workspace 365 users

Each user must have a Workspace 365 license and an Office 365 account, with or without license. When the user has no Office 365 license, not all functionalities will be available. 

Shortcut to web app

This is included in the default Workspace 365 license.

Email, Email live tile & Calendar live tile

To easily give the users access to their email and/or calendar, they need to have a Exchange Online or On-Premises license:

Document live tile & SharePoint intranet RSS live tile

To simplify your document management or to add news feeds from intranet within a RSS live tile, you need a SharePoint Online or On-Premises license.

Single Sign-On

For the full Single Sign-On experience you need to have a Azure AD Basic license, this license is included by default in paid licenses off Office 365.

Single Sign-On apps: Azure Active Directory basic or Azure Active Directory Premium

For the full Single Sign-On application experience check:

Hosted apps: Windows server with published apps + Clientless RDP or Citrix XenApp

You can integrate your own hosted application via our Clientless RDP or with Citrix XenApp 7.9 or higher, with SAML-federation to Azure AD. For more information regarding the setup check:

Locally installed apps: registry access

When you want to launch local installed apps from the Workspace, you need to make changes to the registry of the device. For more information about this check:


  Office 365 account Exchange SharePoint Azure AD basic+ 
Registration(global admin)  
Email, Calendar & Live tile    
Documents + RSS live tile    
Single Sign-On    
Single Sign-On apps    
Hosted apps      
Local apps      

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