Business App overview builder introduction

The default overview will show all columns with all the data in the overview. In many cases you care only about certain columns and you want to create a new overview to see only the to you relevant data. With the Business App overview builder it is possible to create, edit or delete overviews for a Business App. 

NOTE: Admins can create overviews for the whole environment and can make overviews public. Users can only create personal overviews.



With the Business App overview builder you can:

  • Create new overviews
  • Duplicate overviews
  • Edit overviews


To create a new Overview, click "New".


On the top you see the Overview Name. This is the name of the overview. This name will be displayed in the Business App overview page. Next to the overview name is the visibility of the overview. Here you can choose werther an overview is public or personal.

On the left of the overview is "Columns". Here you can Add a "New column" or choose to "Filter". As we add a new column, Edit column is shown.

Here you can configure the column settings and the content of the column.

In this example we have a Business App with the following fields:

  • Autonumbering
  • Product
  • Price
  • VAT

As we want to create an overview with only the fields "Product" and "Price" we need to create a new overview with these columns. In the "Edit column" we select the dropdown in the "Content" area.

Here we choose "Field" as we want to see the content of the field: "Product" and "Price". Select the desired field you want to show. 


Do the same for Price.



Now you have in the "Columns" area, both of the fields added as value.



Click on save and check if this is the desired configuration. It would look something like this.



NOTE: It is possible to create an expression. In this example we show how you can add a field to an overview. Click here to see an article where we describe the usage of ther expressions in the overview builder.