Business App overview expressions

NOTE: If you want to know more about the overview builder, click here


You can use expression builder to create complex column for grid overview, or overview filter. You can add new columns where you can create new calculations and/or filters.

Operands can be added by clicking on the dropdown. You can choose between:

  • Field
  • Constant
  • Add
  • Multiply
  • Substract
  • Divide
  • Sum
In this article we explained how to add the Field operand. 

The overview builder uses a tree-like structure where each node represents an operation and its sub-nodes are the operands of that operation.

For example, if you have Price field and you want to multiply the price by 12. 

Year total = Price * 12

You need to use the following expression tree:

Here, on top there is an operation (Multiply) and below and shifted to the right are two operands, which happen to be just an entity field and a constant.

If you need bigger expression, you need to mentally split it into smaller sub-expressions and build a tree based on that.

To add value operand, click “Constant”. After you clicked “Constant” you should choose value type in the dropdown and fill the required value in the input on the right:

You should always select correct constant type when creating the expression. For example, you cannot add currency value and a decimal value.