Create oAuth app in the old Azure portal

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Configuring oAuth in the Azure Active Directory.

Note: We strongly recommend to use the automatic setup of oAuth

If you want to make full use of oAuth in combination with Workspace 365, you will need to set up an application for this in the Azure Active Directory.



Please follow the steps below for accomplishing this:

  • Login to with an administrator account, navigate to the Active Directory and open the Application list
  • Now check the URL in the browser, which will be almost identical to the one below:

The green part is the TenantName, in this case: Make sure this is the tenant for which you want to setup oAuth.

  •  Click “Add” on the bottom of the Applications list.
  •  Select “Add an application my organization is developing”.
  •  Fill in a name for the App, make sure “Web application and/or web API” is checked and click “Next”.


  • Click the checkmark on the lower right side to continue
  • “Your app has been added!” will appear. Now click “Configure” on the top of the screen
  • Scroll down to the “Keys” section and create a new key. They key value will appear after saving the page (note: you will not be able to retrieve key value after leaving this page)


  • Now navigate to the “Permissions to other applications” section and make sure “Sign in and read user profile” permission are assigned

  • Add “Office 365 Exchange Online” and “Office 365 SharePoint Online” applications and assign all (delegated) permissions to them. 
  • Give Windows Azure Active Directory additional delegated control: “Read and Write directory data”.
  • Click Save. Now copy the Client ID and the Key which can be found on the current page and save these.

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