Workspace 365 successfully updated to v2.50.0

The service update (v2.50.0) on 20/09/2017 has brought the following:



  • Added possibility to directly send documents as attachment in the Documents app.
  • It’s now possible for an administrator to predefine feeds for the RSS Live tile. Where the user can select this feed in the RSS Live tile.


  • Copy control didn't have the correct environment branding.
  • Fixed incorrect grid profile images styling in Internet Explorer.
  • When uploading new App Icons, they are now rendered with their original ratio in all places.


  • Improved performance of loading expressions in the overview builder.
  • Improved scrolling of the dashboard/Workspace in all browsers and devices.
  • Newly installed app instances will be enabled by default.
  • Auto sign-out mechanism is improved. Polling operations are excluded from refreshing the authentication ticket.

Breaking change

  • Global improvement in Citrix application usage: now it is possible for administrator to add predefined Citrix applications to the environment, Citrix XenApp was fully migrated to one global Citrix app and we’ve added permission construct on this app.
  • The default expiration for cookies becomes 24 hours (previously was 7 days, see Web.config)