Announcement: update Workspace 365 v2.43.0


The release of Workspace 365 v2.43.0 will be deployed on 30-03-2017 between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM Central European Time. ​The following will be implemented when this version goes live:



  • Added the possibility for an administrator to add a domain hint to the oAuth Single Sign On Settings. By doing this you will be redirected to your organization login page instead of passing by the generic Azure login page first.
  • Now you can choose from over 80 new icons from the default app image gallery.


  • The Documents live tile "Open Documents" link had an incorrect behavior when SharePoint was not configured.
  • Fixed incorrect styling of Groups when the “Groups management” settings page was opened.
  • In Read only mode of Groups the Profile images where not displayed.
  • When using the AD Synctool and a user was deleted in Azure AD, the user was not deleted from the synced group.
  • When using Internet Explorer, on the Settings page an unnecessary scrollbar appeared on the left.