Latest version: v2.54
WhatsApp: 0623684723

Release Notes V2.43.0


The service update (v2.43.0) on 30/03/2017 has brought the following:


  • Added the possibility for an administrator to add a domain hint to the OAuth2 Single Sign-On Settings. By doing this you will be redirected to your organization login page instead of passing by the generic Azure login page first.
  • Now you can choose from over 80 new icons from the default app image gallery.


  • The Documents live tile "Open Documents" link had an incorrect behavior when SharePoint was not configured.
  • Fixed incorrect styling of Groups when the “Groups management” settings page was opened.
  • In Read only mode of Groups the Profile images where not displayed.
  • When using the AD Sync tool and a user was deleted in Azure AD, the user was not deleted from the synced group.
  • When using Internet Explorer, on the Settings page an unnecessary scrollbar appeared on the left.
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