Latest version: v2.54
WhatsApp: 0623684723

Release Notes V2.51.0


The service update (v2.51.0) on 18/10/2017 has brought the following:


  • You can now detect if the local Citrix receiver is installed. If it is there, then it will be started automatically allowing you to work with the local Citrix applications.


  • Updated the environment name examples to match the validation requirements in Odin.
  • Fixed sign out from authority when signing in using Web Services Federation and the user does not exist or is inactive.
  • Removed the Search field in the Groups page when no User Groups exist.
  • Import of new users from Office365 resulted in an error.
  • Fixed loading of sites in SharePoint settings.


  • Changed the dialog styling to a more modern look.


  • Released a new APS package. With this new package you will be able to bill based on the new licensed types via application counters.


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