Power BI

You can now easily add Power BI tiles to the Workspace giving people insights on data which they need or should know on a daily base. The Power BI tile shows you the desired tile from Power BI. You can easily select tiles from dashboards.

To activate the app:

  • As an admin, go to App store 
  • Activate the Live Power BI tile


NOTE: Make sure the Single Sign-On method is set to oAuth2, else the Power BI wont work. And you set the required Power BI permissions on the oAuth2 application in Azure AD.

If you want to know how to set up a oAuth2 application for your Workspace, click here.


  • Add the app, configure the desired Workspace, Dashboard and Tile.




  • The app shows all current dashboards from Power BI based on the permissions. If the user has no permissions on a specific dashboard and/tile, that dashboard wont be visible to configure. Add this app to a shared group & click done and make visible to the users. If you like to push the Live tile via a Shared group, make sure everyone from that group has access to the Power BI dashboard.


Live Power BI for Guest users

To let guest users view the Live Power BI tiles some extra steps are needed.

  • In Power BI head to the site you want to share with your guest user(s).

  • Press "Share" in the top right corner.


  • Fill in the guest user(s) UPN.
  • Lastly the user has to accept the email confirmation to get access to the Live Power BI tiles within workspace.