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Configuring the file server in Workspace 365

Quick reference:
Settings -> Integrations -> Fileservers

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It is possible to use your own file servers based on WebDAV protocol in the Document app. This allows you to bundle SharePoint, OneDrive and the file servers in one easy-to-use Document app.



The admin can set the desired file server / WebDAV URL in the settings page (Integrations > File servers). If these settings are saved, the file server will be added to the documents app.


We advice to configure the WebDAV SSL file server in IIS click here. For more info how you can secure the WebDAV click here

The first time, when the user opens the file server, they will be prompted to fill in their credentials once. These credentials can be changed in the "Integration credentials" settings menu.

In this article you can find about how to setup integration credentials as a user. 


Local vs. Online apps

By default documents are openend in you local Office applications. You need to sign in to Office to connect to your WebDAV source.

Additionally, you would like to open the files from the file server in the Online Editors. Therefore, we have made an integration with Office Online. To request this feature contact You could also configure/use your own Office Online server. 




We created the option to set permissions on opening file server files. This enables you to determine whether a person or group can open their files in a local Office editor, for instance a dynamic security group that you’re syncing to the workspace. You can, for instance, base these group’s permissions on their Office 365 license, to help people use the right editors for specific kinds of files. Or on the fact that they don’t have a local editor installed. This way, the file will automatically open the correct way.

When using the online editors for your file server documents and your fileserver supports locks, we will now lock the file on the file server when you start to edit it in the online editor. This means that if another user tries to edit the file via the local editor, the local editor should inform the user that the file is already being edited.

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