Exporting & importing Business Apps

Exporting and importing Business App configurations brings a number of advantages:

  • Business Apps do not have to be build manually for every environment
  • Rapid response when a customer wants Business Apps, quick implementation
  • Configurations can be quickly shared with Support if issues are found

Importing configurations can be done via the “Entities Overview” page:                                                       

  • Open the “Entities Overview” page
  • Click the Import Button (8, see previous image)
  • Select the location of the .cfg file and click Next
  • An overview of existing Business Apps will appear, select the Business Apps of your choice:

  • Click Import
  • After succesfully importing the Apps, click Cancel. The Business Apps can now be found in the Builder environment.

Note: It is not possible to import Business Apps with identical names to existing Business Apps in the environment.

Exporting configurations can be organized via the “Entities Overview” page. Below the steps:

  • Open the “Entities Overview” page
  • Select the Business Apps for export
  • Click Export
  • Select the location to save the .cfg file and click Save

A popup appears, click OK. The .cfg file is now saved at the specified location and can be used for importing if needed.