Importing data in a Business App

Within the Business App Builder environment you also have the option to import prepared data into a specific Business App. In this example the earlier created Contact App will be used:

There are some conditions regarding to importing data in a Business App:

  • The import file must be an .xls of .xlsx file
  • When a field is set to be Required in the Builder environment (see Settings), then it is also required to represent this field within the import file (data must be mapped to it). You can change this by opening the Settings of the field and temporarily disable the requirement option.
  • Each filled column within the Excel file represents data for a specific field of the Business App: do not combine data of different fields into one Excel column but always divide them.

In the example below we want to import data in the Contact App (First Names and Last Names)

  • Open a new Excel file
  • Add the first names to the first column starting with the first field
  • Add the last names to the second column starting with the first field
  • Save the file, now the Excel file looks like this:



  • Open the Business App Builder environment and open the Administrator tab
  • Click “Entities import”


  • Click Browse, select the import file and click Open
  • Click Next
  • Select the entity (Business App) for import, Contact in this case
  • Now connect (map) every column to a Business App field, in this case column 0 is the First Name field and column 1 is the Last Name field:

  • Click Next
  • If using currency fields or date fields you can determine currency type and/or date format, in this case this is not needed: Click Next

  • Click Finish, if the import is successful a notification will be shown (“Wizard Complete!”). Now open the Business App in the Workspace: the import is successful and the Business App records are created based on the info in the import file: