Business Apps templates

It is possible to export data from a Business App to Word or Excel. There are 2 options to choose from:

  • Direct export (Word & Excel)
  • Export via predefined templates (Word Only)

Direct export can be done without using predefined templates. The Business App record information is then – based on the selected overview – offered as a download to the user. The advantage of this is that there is no preparation needed en can be quickly organized.

However it may be desirable to specifically define the data for export and prepare document lay out before export. For this, we advice to create a template and use if for exporting data.

Note: the template has to be in .docx format. It is also required that the specific Business App (used for export) contains a Folder Link Control, so that the export file can be saved.

Creating an export template can best be done when having opened the Business App in the Builder environment. The structure of the Business App is key when preparing the template, below is an example:

The intention here is to export record data using all existing fields in the Contact App.

  • Open a new Word document (.docx)
  • Create a lay-out in the document (e.g. tables, columns, footers, etc.)
  • Now the Business App fields has to be prepared within the template itself. A reference to a Business App field must always be placed between double {{brackets}} and has to be a Business App field name. Here an example after finishing the (basic) Contact App template:

Referencing ComboBox fields on templates works a little different when compared to a normal field. The “Field for Name Generation” must also be added in the reference. This can be found by opening the App in the Builder and click the Settings button next to the ComboBox field:

De label (field) name (1) is Company and the field for name generation is also called Company (2). These has to be put together between double {{brackets}} and a dot has to be placed between the two names.

  • When the template is finished, save it
  • Upload this document template to the Workspace:

  • When in the Workspace, navigate to Settings à Apps Management
  • Open the App and make sure a root folder is selected for auto-creation of folders (1)
  • Open de App en set the location of the template (2)

  • Click Done

Now all is prepared for exporting (contact) Business App data.  

  • Open the Business App and make sure a Business App record exists
  • Open or select the Business App record of your choice
  • Click Save As: the template will now be shown

  • Select the template, this will activate the export. A notification will now be shown, in this case the export was succesfull.
  • Now navigate to the folder location



  • Open the export file:

The data from the Business App record is now correctly translated using the predefined template.