Announcement: update Workspace 365 v2.53.0


The release of Workspace 365 v2.53.0 will be deployed on 03-01-2018 between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM Central European Time. ​The following will be implemented when this version goes live:


  • Added tooltips for the workspace.
  • Users are now able to add an attachment from WebDAV-SSL / File servers.
  • Added support for importing users from Office 365 Groups.
  • Users are now able to Edit a tile without leaving the workspace.
  • Created “app link” to make an application available outside Workspace.
  • Added option to enable permissions to all users within the environment at once.


  • User was not able to open a Shared file when the user has no permissions for the parent folder.
  • Citrix XenApp Server url was not saved after updating the url on the app itself.
  • Active page icon in Business app view was not branded.
  • Conditional access on the Workspace AAD application was not enforced.
  • Ordered/numerable lists was not working correctly in the email body.
  • Fixed an issue with frozen interface when a pop-up window was blocked by the browser.
  • When tried to rename a file or folder to an already existed name in the Documents app, the dialog closed without renaming.
  • Fixed an issue with the Live calendar tile. After adding new app(s) and clicking cancel the Live Calendar tile was empty.


  • Tiles inheritance will keep working as long as user doesn't configure own value.
  • Added support on local Citrix receiver for Internet explorer and Edge.
  • All action bar items are now available on mobile devices.
  • Improved the responsiveness of title bar on small screens.
  • Added support for .xls files in view mode of Excel online.
  • An administrator will be more aware about what the impact is when Deleting/Deactivating an Environment application.
  • Site permissions overview sorting was changed to Alphabetic order and removed items with empty permissions.