Import users from Office 365 (groups)

Quick reference:
Settings -> Users & groups -> User management

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It is possible to import users automatically using our Azure AD synctool or you can import users from Office 365 (groups), with or without password.


Welcome email

When an admin imports new users from Microsoft Entra ID (previously called Azure AD) to Workspace 365, a welcome e-mail is sent automatically to that person.

Some admins might want to first design the entire Workspace before a new user gets notified. For more information, please refer to our admin guide.




Custom URL in welcome email

The welcome email displays a Workspace URL. After requesting a custom URL for the Workspace environment, it is possible to update the URL to the new custom URL:

  1. Log into Workspace via the custom URL.
  2. Go to the admin settings page.
  3. Select Single sign-on.
  4. Click Verify. You should see “I have seen the GREEN screen telling the verification was successful”.
  5. Click Done.

The new custom URL (displayed in your browser) should now be updated in the welcome email.

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Import users from Office 365 (groups)

  1. Navigate to the Workspace admin settings.
  2. Go to User & groups.
  3. Select User management.
  4. Here you can choose to import from;
    • Office 365
    • Office 365 groups.
      • After clicking “From Office 365 groups”, you will see a list of your Office 365 groups. You can select which groups you want to import.
  5. Click Import and the user will be imported.
  6. Click on User management to see the active users.


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