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User Management

Quick reference:
Settings -> Users & groups -> User management
Quick reference:
Settings -> Users & groups -> Active Directory

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It is possible to import users automatically, from CSV, Office 365 or Office 365 groups, with or without password. Or if you want to edit or permanently delete users, in this article we explain you how.

By default, users will receive a registration/welcome email when importing users. You can disabled this under user management by unchecking the "welcome email" checkbox.


Importing users from CSV or Office 365 (groups)

Navigate to Settings > User & groups > User management to import users from CSV or Office 365 (groups). 



After clicking “From Office 365 groups” you will see a list of your Office 365 groups. Select which groups you want to import users from and click on Import.


The users are now successfully imported. Click on User management to see the active users.

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Importing users automatically

To automate the process of importing users from your Azure AD to Workspace, you can make use of our Azure AD synctool. For more information, click here

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Edit, restore or permanently delete users

When editing, restoring or permanently delete users, you can do this yourself by temporarily disabling the sync from the Active Directory settings in the Workspace (settings > Users & groups > Active Directory). After disabling the sync, you now have the opportunity to e.g. restore a user from the deleted user list under user management. Once you've done this, you can enable the sync again and the user has been restored.

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Error when importing users

Do you have a problem with importing users or do you receive the error message "Error loading Office 365 users"? Keep in mind that:

  • oAuth2 is required when importing user (groups) from Office 365.
  • The Global Administrator account is required for manual user import. This is usually the Primary Administrator (the one who created the Workspace). The Global Administrator must have User Management Rights in Azure AD. And if relevant, the user's UPN must match with the user's UPN in your local AD. For automatic user import, you can make use of our Azure AD synctool.
  • Try to temporarily disable MFA for the Primary Administrator account.  
  • Sign in regularly with the Global Admin account to prevent the access token from expiring.
  • Make sure the AD sync under the Active Directory settings in the Workspace is temporarily disabled.
  • Users from distribution lists and/or mail-enabled security groups will not be imported.

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