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A number of improvements were implemented on September 28th. If you need assistance with creating a Workspace V4 layout, we offer you a configuration service to help you on your way. For more information, please read: Workspace 365 V4 changes on September 28th
We understand that you may have questions or perhaps concerns after reading this article. We have dedicated a FAQ page to provide you with up-to-date information. Please note that all screenshots on our Support Portal are subject to change during the development of V4 until the 9th of November.


We are proud to announce the launch of the Workspace 365 V4 preview, on July 6th 2023. It is designed revolutionize the way you work by elevating your productivity and efficiency. We will continue to keep adding new features to Workspace 365 from this moment forward. We value your feedback and are committed to continuously improving our product.

The official launch date for Workspace 365 V4 is set for Q4, on the 9th of November

The most important changes in the Workspace 365 V4 preview are:

  • The global navigation (access to spaces, Documents app, Email, Hub, Address Book and App store) will be displayed at the left.
  • At the top of the digital workplace, the Global search will be more prominently visible.
  • A temporary toggle functionality which allows users to switch between the new (V4 preview) and old layout (V3).

What is Workspace 365 V4?

As the digital workplace continues to evolve, it has transformed from a static collection of information and apps into a dynamic place where communication, collaboration, and information come together. The most important thing is to have a digital employee experience that is smooth and seamless, so it boosts productivity and enhances collaboration. 

Workspace 365 V4 is the redesigned interface, and with its sleek and intuitive design, it takes your digital workplace experience to a whole new level - a dynamic and vibrant space where communication, collaboration, and information seamlessly come together.

For additional information, please read:


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Wat are the key features?

We are constantly developing and working on smart and relevant features that guide users throughout their day. Below are some important features.

Experience seamless navigation

Our new navigation feature brings a sophisticated and user-friendly UI/UX design. Through research and careful analysis, we have arranged the interface in a logical flow, enabling users to navigate seamlessly from top to bottom and left to right. This intuitive navigation pattern promotes efficiency and simplicity. 

Prominent position for the Global Search

The Global Search is one of our most frequently used and highly valued features. Previously, the search function was hard to find. However, with our redesigned interface, we have given the Global Search a prominent position, making it easy to locate and greatly improving the overall user experience.

We will add more features to the Global Search to allow users to refine their searches, save time, and find specific information even faster. The advanced search feature will empower users to dig deeper into their content and gain valuable insights.

Stay up to date with our pinned Activity Feed

With the Activity Feed, users can concentrate on the essential content without distractions. By keeping the Activity Feed consistently visible, users can quickly access important updates and notifications.

At a later moment time, we will be introducing the Adaptive Timeline. This feature enables us to tailor your feed by providing smart suggestions and personalized information, based on the data we gather from all integrations. You will receive timely reminders, task updates, and clever suggestions that are aligned with your individual needs and preferences.

Stay connected and informed through a new dedicated page for the Hub

Experience seamless connectivity and stay up-to-date with the Hub, your central hub for streamlined internal communication. Enhance collaboration, improve productivity, and effortlessly access all the information you need in one convenient location. The new dedicated page for the Hub unlocks a more efficient and connected work experience.


A better collaboration through a dedicated page for the Address book

Unlock the power of better collaboration through our dedicated address book access and better navigation


More tiles sizes to create your perfect digital workplace

Every organisation is unique, every team is different and every individual has their own needs. That’s why we want to give you more ways to design your digital workplace, just the way it works for you. With the new tile sizes, we introduce more customization options to create your perfect digital workplace.

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About the launch

The changes will be rolled out gradually, ensuring a seamless transition for users. Starting from July 6th, each user will have the opportunity to try out and get familiar with the new V4 preview layout's interface and navigation, before it becomes widely available.

Note: due to feedback we've received from our partners and customers, there's no longer an opt-out phase. You can use the toggle until the 9th of November to get familiar with the V4 preview.


A toggle functionality will allow users to switch back and forth between the new (V4 preview) and old (V3) layout. When enabled, users will see step-by-step instructions and will be guided throughout the new layout, showing them how it all works. The toggle will be displayed in the upper right corner of the digital workplace.

Note: in v3.66, the toggle has been moved to the title bar (header) to create more space for tiles.


Official launch date

The toggle functionality will be removed on the 9th of November, which means that Workspace 365 V4 is officially launched. 

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Feedback, questions and concerns

Update November 6th: The Workspace 365 V4 feedback form has been removed. Feedback can be summitted via the regular support form.

Your feedback is valuable and plays a crucial role in shaping the final version of Workspace 365 V4. Your input will be taken into consideration and is appreciated. Please provide us with specific details about the problem or suggestion, so that we can better understand and respond to it effectively, leading to better user experiences.

To make sure the right departments are receiving and acting on the feedback, please provide us with feedback via the appropriate channel, as explained below.


Submission instructions for Partners & Customers

Partners & Customers can address any concerns or questions via the Support Portal.

  1. Click the “Submit ticket” button.
  2. Select the request type "Workspace 365 V4".
  3. Make sure all necessary information is filled in correctly and submit the ticket.

Submission instructions for users

1. Use the Feedback button

Users can submit feedback straight from their digital workplace. Go to the profile settings menu in the top right corner of your digital workplace and click the "Feedback" button.


2. Share your experience

When users switch from the new (V4 preview) to old layout, they will be prompted to submit their feedback.



Quick Start Guide

To get familiar with Workspace 365 V4, take a look at our Quick Start Guides:


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