Use credentials of the current logged-in user (instead of Primary admin) in V3.65


We want to make administrative tasks in Workspace 365 less dependent on the Primary admin, to avoid possible errors.

From release V3.65, instead of using the credentials of the Primary admin to import or create users manually in Workspace 365, we will use the credentials of the current logged-in user.



If you create a new user from the User Management page, we retrieve a list of domains from Office 365 (Microsoft Graph). If you import "From Office 365" or "From Office 365 groups", we retrieve a list of users/user groups from Office 365 (Microsoft Graph).

This means that the current logged-in user must have the following permissions:

Guest users

This will not work for guest users, because guest users have reduced permissions (i.e. cannot list users or groups, domains, etc.). This is a limitation from Microsoft.