Release notes Workspace 365 v3.65.0


The release of Workspace 365 v3.65.0 was deployed on 17-08-2023. Here are the release notes for this version:


  • From now on, it’s possible to pin announcements at the top of a category page. Per category, a maximum of five announcements can be pinned. All these pinned announcements will be shown in a separate section at the top of the “All announcements” page.
  • We introduce The Hub overview page. When opening The Hub you will see the most recent announcements, knowledge articles, and upcoming events on this page.
  • We renamed the ”Frequently used tiles” to “Frequently used apps”. In the new layout, we show the frequently used apps in the global navigation bar below the standard apps and remove them from the spaces.


  • The welcome greeting was on top of the overlays.
  • When an email was selected with the checkbox, it didn’t work to carry out the actions Forward, Reply, or New email.
  • List Items on the desktop did not have a 16px padding on the right side.
  • When using keyboard navigation, the dropover from the date and time picker did not automatically close.
  • Tasks that have a due date set for today did not appear in the “My day” list.
  • When changing a category or tag in an event, and selecting to send an activity about it, an error occurred.
  • When trying to download a file with a virus from the Documents Live tile, it would result in a 500 error instead of an alert.
  • The dropdown in the Global Search was disappearing when a user started mouse selection inside and finished outside the search.
  • The dropover component had a wrong position with a virtual keyboard on the iPad.
  • Having a long sentence without spaces in the Edit tile left slider, made the close button become very small.
  • The date picker was missing icons in the disabled state.


  • We renamed the Yammer live tile to Viva Engage and updated the logo.
  • The behavior of ‘mark as read’ in the email app has been updated.
  • We added pin icons to all pinned (list) items in The Hub.
  • It is now possible to sort the SharePoint sites alphabetically and on the creation date. In addition, the list is dynamic and the default sorting for new users is Alphabetically from A-Z.
  • We improved the pagination design.
  • The “Edit app” got a redesign.
  • We updated the order of the action-bar items in the Email app.
  • The link on the first info button in the Single Sign-On settings has been updated.
  • We now use the current user credentials for User management instead of the Primary Admin credentials.
  • When automatically configuring OAuth2 SSO with the Exchange permission scope, we now also include the permission needed for the “Assigned to you” list.
  • The global Action Bar styling has been updated.