Release notes Workspace 365 v3.66.0


The release of Workspace 365 v3.66.0 was deployed on 07-09-2023. ​Here are the release notes for this version:



  • Workspace contacts have higher prioritization in the global search results. In addition, we show the job title, department, and source for contacts in global search.


  • Email activities with a different ID only by casing would overwrite other email activities.
  • Long app names were not ellipsed in the "Create tile" dialog.
  • When clicking an email from a shared mailbox in the Email live tile, it would open the correct email in the Email app, but select the incorrect folder in the sidebar.
  • Long category titles on the overview pages in The Hub were not ellipsed.
  • It was not possible to delete announcements with reactions to comments.


  • Improved the design of the toggle.
  • Unify the scrolling experience on the Settings pages.
  • The “New layout” toggle is moved from the actionbar to the workspace header in the new layout. In addition, the actionbar is removed from the spaces.
  • We modernised the "Create an item" experience. We now use a large sidebar with cards instead of list items. Furthermore, users can create more different kinds of items from the sidebar, including to-dos, announcements, events, and knowledge items.
  • We added a search variant that contains a white background. White search boxes are used on grey and dark backgrounds, and grey search boxes are used on white backgrounds.
  • The user experience of the sidebar in The Hub is improved. Instead of showing all categories of all sections by default, we now show a limited amount of categories per section by default. More categories can be loaded by clicking the “Show more” button. This will improve the overview and accessibility of the sidebar.
  • When OWA is configured as the default email client, the email icon in the global navigation opens the Outlook Web App. In this scenario, no sub-navigation is shown when hovering the email icon in global navigation. The configured destination (new/current window) in the App store is applied.
  • The following item selector dialogs use the new design: “Move email to”, “Select folder” and “Select contacts”. The dialogs are larger and more consistent with the other item selectors.