Workspace 365 V4 changes from September 28th

If you need assistance with creating a Workspace V4 layout, we offer you a configuration service to help you on your way. You can book a session for this service using this link.

Discover the changes and download the V4 handout from here.


Thank you to all our partners and customers who provided us with valuable feedback about Workspace 365 V4 during the preview phase. As a result of the feedback we received, a number of improvements will be implemented from September 28th, as mentioned below.


1. The limitation of a maximum of 2 columns for tile groups will be removed.

In most cases, the Activity Feed needs to be unpinned and closed, and the navigation menu collapsed to have more columns. Wider screens may have 3 or more columns with the Activity Feed pinned and the navigation menu open.

2. Unpinning the Activity Feed will become possible again.

A Workspace admin can manage this for the entire environment from the admin settings page under "Workspace management". The Activity Feed is pinned by default.

3. The V4 layout can be pushed by the Workspace admin per environment.

From the settings page under "Workspace management", you will have two options:

    • Permanently push the V4 layout to all users.
    • Push the V4 layout to all users, but give users the option to switch back to V3 at user level.
    • Once you have pushed an entire environment to V4, you cannot set the entire environment back to V3 in one go.

4. The Calendar app will be added to the navigation menu.

For more information, please refer to the mailing from our Marketing team.