Introducing our new modules in the release of V4.3.0 on January 11th


We will introduce our brand-new modules in the release of V4.3.0 on January 11th.


New modules: Engage, Hybrid & Unify

The new modules have been introduced to proactively respond to the latest market developments. This strategic adjustment offers our partners and customers the flexibility to mix-and-match license types to each user based on their individual needs in the digital workplace.

For more information about the new modules, please visit our website.



On the morning of the 12th of January, we will publish/update the following documentation about the new modules;

  • A support article (a functional description of how it works) in the Billing section;
  • The licensing API will be updated to V3.5 and V4.0, see article Provisioning API (instance);
  • The Power BI dashboard to retrieve licensing information will be updated, see FAQ.
  • Frequently asked questions will be answered in the Admin FAQ. 



The illustration below demonstrates how the current Workspace environment subscription (Simplify, Adapt or Boost) will migrate to the new modules (Engage, Hybrid and/or Unify).

MicrosoftTeams-image (32).png

For example, if you use TOPdesk and/or ConnectWise, here’s another illustration:

MicrosoftTeams-image (31).png


Existing contracts and customers

For Workspace environments created before January 1st 2024, we are offering our partners and customers a full year’s free-of-charge trial. Please test any module you feel may align with your business needs. Feel free to toggle the modules on or off. All we ask in return is your feedback. This will help us to shape the modules and their functionality to best suit user needs.  

Our Customer Success Team will work with partners to ensure a trouble-free transition to the new modules which we aim to complete by Oktober 1st or later. Until then, there won't be any financial changes.


New contracts and customers

Workspace environments created after the January 1st 2024, will be billed according to the new modules. So, any modifications made to the Hybrid, Engage, and/or Unify modules will directly impact the monthly invoice.