Release notes Workspace 365 v4.2.0


The release of Workspace 365 v4.2.0 will be deployed on 21-12-2023 between 22:00 and 00:00 Central European Time. ​The following will be implemented when this version goes live:



  • Advanced search functionality now also searches the content of knowledge articles, not just the title. Note: It can take up to 48 hours before all existing articles are searchable.


  • The "Workspace background styling" radio button switched back to the default state every time the admin opened the Branding page, even if another option was saved.
  • An infinite busy indicator was shown in the Document live tile if a user had no access to the folder.
  • Other categories were hidden when you selected a category in the Create tile dialog.
  • If an admin tried to delete a user who requested an app, a 500 error would be displayed.
  • Long texts in the inline option selector component were not ellipsed.
  • When trying to open a Microsoft booking appointment in the Calendar live tile or app, a 500 error would be displayed.
  • If you would publish an existing planned event with changes to the publication date, new event activities would not be created.


  • The tree accordion has a new design. The items are slightly taller (40px in height) and have rounded corners visible when an item is hovered/active. An important change is that the expand/collapse chevrons are positioned at the right.
  • We now use the Graph API to find more email addresses in the Email app.
  • A work week view is now available in the Calendar app. The view is based on the user's working days in User profile settings. Additionally, the hover and active behaviours of the calendar component are improved.
  • Styling of the calendar appointment cards is improved. Icons are displayed at the bottom right so that more of the title and subtitle are visible. The title and icons in smaller cards have a smaller font size so that they can still be displayed on the card. Additionally, if an appointment is private, a lock icon is shown.
  • The balloons icon (used in the Birthdays live tile and the Birthdays cards) is updated.
  • Replaced the Twitter logo with the new X logo.
  • We improved the knowledge article full-text search behaviour.