Release notes Workspace 365 v4.4.0


The release of Workspace 365 v4.4.0 has been deployed on 01-02-2024.
​The following was be implemented in this version:



  • For the Calendar app, you can now decide whether to use the workspace calendar or Outlook web calendar. In Calendar app settings, a new setting has been added called "Set default client" and contains two options: "Calendar app" and "Outlook Web App". If "Outlook Web App" is selected, the calendar icon in the global navigation, calendar tiles and calendar activity cards will redirect the user to the Outlook web calendar.
  • You can save new announcements as drafts. To do so, you need to fill in the title and category.

Technical items

  • Removed the concept of "Primary admin".


  • When you enabled SCIM or AD sync with the manage admin role from the workspace, the module settings on the Edit user page appeared as editable, which they were not.
  • Recent searches were not shown in the correct order on the Advanced search page. The correct order is the most recent first.


  • We show a correct error message if you have Exchange configured, but there is a problem connecting to Exchange while opening the Email or Calendar app.  
  • The styling of the dialogs has been changed. Shadows have been removed, and the Close button is now rounded. Furthermore, the left sidebar variant is now used for many existing dialogs.
  • The hashtag is always visible in the colour picker component. When typing a colour name, the name is replaced with the corresponding hex code.
  • In Magister and Zermelo live tiles, appointments are presented one pixel below the hour grid line instead of on top of it.
  • The information alert bar on the SharePoint documents settings page has been removed.
  • The hover and active styles of the workspace header items have been updated.
  • Removed the condition to have at least one SharePoint site configured in the site availability settings.
  • The styling of the selected state of checkboxes in action lists has been changed. Selected checkboxes contain a coloured checkbox and label based on the primary branding colour.
  • The rocket icon is now used for shared spaces in several places. The term "Workspace" is no longer translated in the settings menu.
  • Show start/end dates for all-day and multiple-day events in the Calendar app.
  • Address book cards have been redesigned. The new cards contain borders instead of shadows. Workspace contact cards can contain tags based on a user's skills and expertise (which can be managed in User profile settings). Additionally, the cards fill up the available space in the Address book.
  • We reduced the number of colours in our design system to simplify the user interface.