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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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In this article you can read more about the support- and hosting SLA's. 

Support SLA

You will be responsible for providing first line support to your customers and end-users. For this purpose we will provide you with access to an online knowledge base and provide you with agent support scripts which will cover common end-user support queries.

Each white-labelled partner will be granted 1 support hour(s) per 1000 users, monthly.

When needed we will provide second level support to two named contacts at your helpdesk. This support will be provided between 09.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs CET (GMT. +1) by phone on: +31-(0)30-7116725. Outside of business hours your help desk can send an email to

When you detect a security weakness or event, please report this to us via a ticket or via email:

For our night time we created an escalation number for partners in different time zones. This can only be used after the ticket is created via email sent to

When contacting us for support we need the following info:

  • Reference number 
  • Customer environment names 
  • Usernames of issue 
  • Date and time of the issue 
  • Detailed issue description 
  • Error messages and log files 
  • Screenshots of the issue 
  • Steps to reproduce 
  • Additional information

If we can’t resolve your support issue straight away we will come back to you within below the response time (see below) with a suggested solution of your issue and the time line within which we expect to resolve it.


Solving times

Response time





1 business day

20 sec

5 min

> 90%


response time)


3 business days

20 sec

24 hours


5 business days

20 sec

48 hours


The levels of urgency are defined as described below:



A very serious distortion of the service, with the result that a very large proportion (more than 80%) of the users cannot use or hardly use the service.

Middle A non-critical disturbance of the service, with the result that the service is partly available to (10% to 80% of) the users, and/or poor performance of  the service occurs.


A disruption of service that hardly influences the availability and performance of the service.

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Hosting SLA

  • From which location (continent, country) is the infrastructure hosted?  
    Everything is hosted from Western Europe (Netherlands) in Microsoft Azure. 

  • Who is the provider, where your infrastructure is hosted? 
    Microsoft Azure 

  • Which SLA is applicable on the service? 
    Our own SLA, which is similar to the one from Microsoft Azure. 
    Please note the following:
    1. During the term of this agreement, we will host Workspace 365 for the benefit of your costumers.
    2. We will apply reasonable commercial efforts to provide your customers with an industry-standard level uptime percentage. You accept that this uptime percentage is provided for your information only and cannot be enforced upon us pursuant to this agreement. 
    3. Excluding any scheduled or mutually agreed to unscheduled maintenance, in regards to the uptime of our service, we rely on the Microsoft Azure Terms and Conditions as Microsoft Azure is the basis of our infrastructure. For more information about the Microsoft Azure Terms and Conditions and available certifications, we refer to the Microsoft Trust Center

  • Is your SLA similar to that of the cloud infrastructure provider? 
    Yes it is, see the previous answer. 

  • Is there a processor agreement available for the service? 
    Yes and can be found here: Terms and conditions

  • Do you process personal data in your product? 
    We process personal data, as most companies do: 
    • First Name 
    • Surname 
    • Email address  
    • Job title  
    • Phone number 

  • What kind of security measures are taken to secure the personal data? 
    • Complete isolation of a Workspace 365 environment. 
    • Cloud infrastructure (Workspace 365 web interface) gets locked from the internet by a firewall / load balancer, nothing is connected to the internet directly. 

  • Which certificate does your product and the underlying infrastructure host possess? 
    See the following article: 

  • What would the migration from a self-hosted environment to a cloud based environment look like? 
    • Configuration of your instance in our cloud infrastructure 
    • Back-up the current database 
    • Back-up the current blob-storage 
    • Put the current database live on the new instance 
    • Put the blob-storage live on the new instance 
    • Testing the full setup 
    • Transfer DNS 

  • What will be the impact for our customers if we migrate? 
    The customer environment will be put on “read only” mode for 1 daypart during the migration. This means that any change, like adding new tiles, won’t be taken to the new environment. Changes in documents will, this is directly connected to Office 365.
  • Is there any difference between self-hosted and cloud based hosting functionalities? 
    With cloud based hosting, you always have the latest updates installed. This means you are always up to date with Workspace 365. And we give you the option to use the online Microsoft editors in combination with the file server.  

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