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Support SLA

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This is a service level agreement (SLA) between Workspace 365 and Workspace 365 partners and customers. This document identifies the level of services we provide to support and sustain the product Workspace 365.

The organization (Workspace 365 partner or customer) is responsible for providing first-line support for its end-users. For this purpose, we will provide you with access to an online knowledge base, and with agent support scripts which will cover common end-user support queries.

When needed, we will provide second level and third level Workspace 365 support. This support is provided from Monday to Friday between 08.00 hrs. and 18.00 hrs. CET (GMT +1) via registration form. Tickets and registration forms can be found on the support portal (https://support.workspace365.net).

In addition, support is also available by phone at +31(0)30-7116725. Outside of business hours the registration forms can be used.

When you detect a security weakness or event, please report this to us via a ticket or via email at support@workspace365.net. Our Security Officer will be informed by the support department.

When contacting support, we need at least the following information:

  • Company name
  • Environment name(s) (Workspace 365 URL)
  • Username(s)
  • Date and time of the issue 
  • Detailed issue description

Optional, if available: 

  • Screenshots of the issue 
  • Steps to reproduce 
  • Error messages
  • Log files.

Any additional information that can assist us to solve the ticket and help the user to get back to work is appreciated.

Support levels

Workspace 365 offers two different types of support. Depending on your contract, the following support will be available.

Basic Support

Extended Support

Support available between business hours (8:00 hrs. – 18:00 hrs. CET)

Includes basic support

24x7 support portal

Rate card for 12 hours of consultancy renewed yearly


24x7 priority 1 support

Basic support: included in every Workspace 365 license.
Extended support: €750,00 per month during the period of the contract.

For the Extended support type, we will use a fair policy for the consultancy hours. The rate card is valid for one year and will be automatically renewed every year depending on the contract duration. If you do not wish to extend the Extended support for another year, this will have to be communicated a month in advance.
It is possible to purchase additional hours. Rate cards are offered separately. Before using consultancy hours, consultation must first take place and time must be made available, so that these hours will be well spent.

For 24/7 priority 1 support we provide an escalation phone number for customers and partners. This number may only be used after a ticket is created via the registration form on our support portal or by email sent to support@workspace365.net.

Ticket priority

Workspace 365 uses a priority matrix for each support ticket. The priority is based on the impact and the urgency. If we can’t resolve your support issue immediately, we will come back to you within the response time (see below) with a suggested solution for your issue, and a timeline within which we expect to resolve it.

The levels of urgency are defined as described below:


A very serious distortion of the service, with the result that a large proportion of the users cannot use or hardly use the service. This indicates that 75% of Workspace 365 is not operational or in a business-critical situation.


A non-critical disturbance of the service, with the result that the service is partly available to the users, and/or poor performance of the service occurs.


A disruption of the service that hardly influences the availability and performance of the service.

The levels of impact are defined as described below.






Multiple users


Single user

Priority will be determined based on impact x urgency.



















Multiple users

Single user

Based on the KPIs above, the following matrix will be used.


Resolution times

Response time



4 hours

5 min

> 99%


8 hours

5 min

> 90%


response time)


24 hours

24 hours


40 hours

48 hours

The resolution times are applicable during working days from Monday to Friday from 08:00 hrs. – 18:00 hrs. CET.

If a P1 can only be solved with the implementation of a hotfix, then the 4 hours will expire. This is in connection with the impact on the Workspace365 product, and the hotfix must be built and tested. This will be communicated in a timely manner.

Workspace 365 is dependent on Microsoft Azure and Cloudflare (third-party suppliers). In the event a malfunction occurs at a third-party supplier, this is beyond the reach of Workspace 365. Naturally, together with the third-party supplier, we will do everything we are able to get Workspace 365 operational again as soon as possible.



Workspace 365


Microsoft Azure




Microsoft Azure SLA: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/support/legal/sla/active-directory/v1_1/
Cloudflare: https://www.cloudflare.com/business-sla/

During a disruption, the status is communicated via our support portal. If the support portal is also included in the disruption, the status will be communicated on Cronitor.

Once a P1 has been resolved and verified, Workspace 365 will make a Root Cause Analysis available.

Escalation during business hours

In the event of an escalation during business hours, the incident manager first assesses the escalation for completeness and whether the escalation is justified. Every escalation must be registered as a ticket via Workspace 365 support.

  • The incident manager is responsible for the escalation.
  • During the escalation, the applicant is always informed.
  • Once the incident has been resolved and the applicant has verified the escalation is resolved, the incident will be closed.

In case the escalation is unjustified, the incident manager will downgrade the escalation to a regular ticket and will inform the applicant.

Escalation 24x7 priority 1

The escalation phone number is meant for priority 1 calls and available for those who have Extended Support. Priority 1 calls are free of charge. For calls placed with a priority 2, 3 or 4 we will invoice you €250,00 per call. When we can’t resolve your support issue straight away, we will come back to you within the before mentioned response times, with a suggested solution for your issue and a timeline within which we expect to resolve it.

Escalation exception

Exception to the escalation 24x7 priority 1 Extended Support. When a change is initiated by Workspace 365 and a distortion arises from that change, support can be contacted via the registration form on our support portal or by email sent to support@workspace365.net. A member of the support team will monitor tickets during a change.

Every change initiated by Workspace 365 is communicated via email at least 7 days in advance. Any expected downtime will be noted in the communication.

Maintenance Window

To guarantee optimal performance of Workspace 365, it is necessary for us to perform routine maintenance. We reserve the right to schedule outages with one week of advance notice. We will usually schedule these outages on Thursdays between 22.00 hrs. – 00.00 hrs. (CET/GMT+1) once every 3 weeks and limit the occurrence to strictly necessary upgrades and required maintenance. By exception this could be scheduled on a different day and time. This will be communicated one week in advance by email.

We are continuously working on improving Workspace 365. As a result, we will occasionally make updates available to the software components of Workspace 365. These updates are free of charge to you. When an update becomes available, we will notify you via the release notes on the support portal when the update will be deployed on your instance. These updates will be installed during the maintenance window.


Workspace 365 uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Depending on where the customer organization is located, the region for the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform is determined. Microsoft Azure offers a trusted and stable storage solution.

We use this storage to store data that is only kept within the chosen Microsoft Azure region. This is desirable because it means that the privacy regulations (AVG/GDPR) are applicable.

Workspace 365 is highly available, as it is running full redundant and divided over different zones. This means that when one server or datacenter becomes unavailable the Workspace 365 will continue to function as expected. Other servers in the region will then pick up the workload.


Workspace 365 environment databases support Point-in-time (PITR) and Long-time (LTR) by automatically creating full database backups, differential backups, and backups from transaction logs. Full databases backups are created daily, weekly, and on a 3-month basis. Once a contract is terminated, customer data is still available from the backup for 30 days after the last day the environment is active.


Third level support and consultancy are available within the Extended support type. Alternatively, consultancy is offered as a separate paid service. The consultant has extensive experience and knowledge of Workspace365 but can also give advice and support on Azure and Office 365.


Communication matrix


For what




Support related questions



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