Provisioning API


The Workspace 365 Provisioning API is intended for provisioning and managing Workspace 365 resources. The API uses a REST-ish interface meaning instead of calling Actions/Methods, you define the Action you want to perform on a resource via the HTTP METHOD (i.e. GET, POST, PUT & DELETE) and uses JSON as its data protocol.


  • The API needs to be enabled in Workspace 365.
  • In order to access the Provisioning API, a so called Provisioning Key needs to be provided with each request. The Provisioning Key is provided via the value of a header called “ProvisioningKey”.
  • An extra header is provided with every request (X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest).

If you are hosting Workspace 365, see section “Configuration for Hosters”.


The Provisioning API is located at “/Provisioning” (e.g. when Workspace 365 is hosted on, the Provisioning API is located at

Below, we describe the available endpoints and their data objects per resource type. Included in each endpoint is an example of the request. These examples assume Workspace 365 has the following settings:



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