(UPDATE) Announcement: update Workspace 365 v2.18.0.


The release of Workspace 365 v2.18.0. will be deployed on 28-05-2015 between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM Central European Time.​

The following will be implemented when this version goes live:



  • Added an unread email counter to the Email tile, showing the amount of unread emails in the primary Inbox of the user.​​
  • Users can now set High/Low urgency marks when creating a new email in the Email App.​
  • Added the "Copy as" functionality to Folders & Files, individual files can be selected and copied to a specified location by the user.
  • Detection of unsaved changes in Business App records: "Are you sure you want to leave the page?" notifications will only appear if you try to continue in the browser when having unsaved changes in a record.
  • Email attachments added to a linked email created from a Business App record will now be saved in a Business App record folder within Folders & Files.


  • Active MS Azure session will now be closed when a user logs out of the Workspace after having used Single Sign-on for login.
  • Removed the "Sync" button appearing when opening the "Shared with Me" folder, since this folder has no sync possibilities.
  • Improved drag 'n drop behavior when moving tiles on the main page, resulting in moving tiles being more user-friendly.
  • When a user creates a document but leaves the name field empty, creation of the document will now be blocked and notification about this requirement is shown to the user.
  • Small improvements in styling and design throughout the product (e.g. hover button colors when Workspace is branded, etc.)


  • Fixed a shared mailbox detection issue on the server which resulted in users sometimes having to re-validate these mailboxes on the Settings page.
  • Fixed an issue blocking the user from logging in when using capital letters in the Workspace environment name (URL).
  • Fixed a change password loop for Admins who changed their password in Office 365 but not in Workspace 365.
  • Fixed an issue related to the "Shared with me" folder and now always shows all shared TeamSite files.
  • Fixed a Mobile View issue, which gave users the ability to create documents while in Read only mode.​

Our apologies for the delay. If you have any questions about one of the above, feel free to contact Support and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.