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Frequently Asked Questions


Below you can find frequently asked questions and answers about our product Workspace 365.


  1. How can I create an Office document?
    Click to one of the Office icons (Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote). Workspace 365 asks where to save the new file. After clicking the Done button, the file will be created and opened. Quickly creating an Office document can also be done by clicking the Plus button in the upper right of the screen and then selecting the type of document. If you want to manage and/or open your files, go to the Documents app.

  2. How can I manage my folders and files?
    When at the online workplace, click directly on the Documents app(Folders and Files). Here you will find all the folders and files where the user is entitled to. If you expected to find more (sub)Sites and document libraries, it could be your account is missing SharePoint permissions. In this case, contact your Administrator.

  3. How can I manage my email?
    When at the online workplace, click directly on Email. Here you will find all emails related to the user. For the extended mode you can click on the option in the top right corner (Go to Outlook). This will refer you to Office 365. It is also possible to open OWA via the Live E-Mail tile. Click 'Open e-mail' on the bottom right.

  4. How do I add own apps?
    The admin can push apps for users. Users also can add them manually when the admin has provided the user with the permissions. To add a app, go from the dashboard to "+ Add Apps" and select the desired app.

  5. How can I manage my Lync meetings?
    When at the online workplace, click directly on Lync Meeting. This will open a pop-up. Here you can enter the specific data. Everything with an asterisk is a required field.

  6. How can I manage my Lync meetings?
    When at the online workplace, click directly on Lync Meeting. This will open a pop-up. Here you can enter the specific data. Everything with an asterisk is a required field.

  7. How can I manage my user settings?
    You can click on the person icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click Settings. Here you will find the user settings. You can make changes to your profile information, change your password and setup your Email (if the Workspace Administrator didn’t do this already).

  8. How can I manage my calendar?
    When at the online workplace, click on the Calendar icon. This will open a pop-up, your calendar can be found here. When an appointment is created, it will automatically synchronize with other calendars on other devices. It is also possible to add the Live Calendar tile. This will show the 10 upcoming appointments.

  9. What is different about Workspace 365 compared to Office 365?
    Workspace 365 provides a complete online workplace in the Cloud to organizations. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, Workspace 365 creates more structure compared to Office 365. This will increase productivity of all employees.

    In addition, it is possible to easily order additional applications from the app store which are fully integrated into Workspace 365. Apps like CRM, quotations, invoicing and project management are easy to purchase. For example, it is possible to link email and documents directly to a relationship or a project record.

  10. Which Office 365 suits are eligible in combination with Workspace 365?
    Office 365 suits which contain SharePoint Online plans and/or Exchange plans (Exchange plan 1 and 2 are supported, Exchange Online Kiosk is not supported). Minimum requirement for the Workspace (primary) Administrator is being a Global Administrator in Office 365.

  11. Why am I missing some functionalities in Workspace 365 compared to Office 365?
    Workspace 365 shows only the most commonly used Office 365 functionalities. As a result, the product is much more user friendly. If you want to use functionalities which are missing in the Workspace, you can access Office 365 via your Email App (Go to Outlook) or via the Live E-Mail app. Please submit a feature request at our Support Portal.

  12. Can I use Microsoft Office locally?
    This depends on the Office 365 subscription that is chosen. You can search for availability of the Office suite within your Office 365 subscription.

  13. Can I also use email from my local Outlook?
    It is possible to use your Local Outlook. In Workspace 365, your main email inbox can be synchronized with different devices. It is not possible to synchronize multiple personal mailboxes with Workspace 365. It is possible to open/add shared or delegated mailboxes via the user settings.

  14. Are my documents also available (offline) in Workspace 365?
    It is possible to view documents offline via the OneDrive for Business synchronization application, this must be installed locally. With the special offline folder, all files are synchronized with the online folder. Downloading the OneDrive for Business synchronization application can be done via this link: https://onedrive.live.com/about/en-us/download/.

  15. Does Workspace 365 work with my local Office?
    Workspace 365 works with the latest version of Microsoft Office.

  16. Do I need an internet connection for using Workspace 365?
    In order to view or edit documents, e-mail or other matters online you will need an internet connection. When using the OneDrive for Business synchronization application, it is possible to view or edit this offline. Synchronization will be continued when the Internet connection is restored.

  17. How many users can be supported with Workspace 365?
    Workspace 365 supports an unlimited amount of users, but it does depend on the chosen Office 365 subscription and amount of licenses.

  18. How can I create new users in Workspace 365?
    Creating new users can only be done by an Administrator from within the organization. As Administrator, you can go to User Management via Settings. With the "New" button you can create a new user. When creating a new user, you will be given the option to also create this user in Office 365. Importing existing Office 365 users can also be done, click Import and make your selection (from Office 365 directly or using a CSV file).

    Note: If your Workspace is created using an ordering system (e.g. Parallels/Odin), User Management is organized within the ordering system itself.

  19. How does Workspace 365 work with my Active Directory?
    We've created an AD Synctool. This tool is able to sync users from Azure AD to Workspace 365.
    For more information check the Azure AD Sync section.

  20. How can I change my password in Workspace 365?
    You can click on the person icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click Settings. Here you can find the option to change your password. Enter the current password and fill in a new password. Your Office 365 password and Workspace 365 password have to be identical in order to make full use of all the functionalities in our product. If Single Sign On is enabled by the Administrator, you can't change the password in Workspace 365. This can be done via your AD provider(e.g. local AD or Azure AD).

  21. How can I change my user profile in Workspace 365?
    By clicking on your name, you can then open the Settings page. The User Profile page is then opened automatically. Here you can change your specific user information.

  22. How can I adjust permissions to a file?
    When a file is selected, the option of sharing appears in the upper action bar. Here you can decide which users can view or edit the file within the organization.

    Note: possibilities to set permissions for folders and files in the Workspace is depending on the permission structure set in Office 365. If you are not permitted there, you will not be permitted within the Workspace. In this case, contact your Administrator.

  23. Where can I find a list of the files that are currently being shared?
    By clicking on Folders and Files you will see the option Shared at the left side of the screen (within the tree view). Here you will find all files that are currently shared and have special permissions.

  24. Why should there always be a matching Administrator account in Workspace 365 and Office 365?
    Changes in details and/or permissions of users in the Workspace have to be communicated with the underlying Office 365 environment. To make this possible, the presence of a corresponding Administrator account in both Workspace 365 and Office 365 is required. In Office 365, this has to be a Global Administrator (role). Some examples of changes that require these, are:

      a. Modifying user passwords
      b. Customizing user permissions (documents, libraries or team sites)
      c. Changing profile information

  25. What are the minimum password requirements of Workspace 365 and Office 365?
    It is important to create identical passwords to ensure correct communication between an Office 365 account and a Workspace 365 account. When logging in to Workspace 365 for the first time, the user will be asked if identical passwords should be arranged for the user.

    There are a number of requirements these passwords should meet:
    1. Minimum of 8 characters;
    2. Also 3 of the following 4 options are required:
      • At least one lowercase letter;
      • At least one uppercase letter;
      • At least one symbol: @ # $ % ^ & * - _ + = [ ] { } | \ : ‘ , . ? / ` ~ “ < > ( ) ; " '
      • At least one digit.

    Note: It is possible for an Office 365 administrator to change the default password policy in Office 365. To ensure a proper functioning connection between Office 365 and Workspace 365, the password requirements of Workspace 365 have to be met in full.

  26. Where are files and emails stored using Workspace 365?
    All files and emails are stored at Office 365 thanks to our integration. So your files and emails are in highly secured data centers at Microsoft. These data centers are secured physically and digitally for 24 hours a day. The information can be send encrypted between the data center and the user. Workspace 365 users log in using Office 365 via Single Sign-On. For more info: https://protection.office.com

  27. Is Office 365 a safe choice for my Workspace 365 users?
    Microsoft was in the news recently for rejecting a request to hand over emails to the US government. Next to this, Microsoft will use encryption more often meaning they can’t look in to your emails and documents and neither can the NSA. This makes Office 365 very safe and even makes it impossible for Microsoft to hand over your emails and documents. Workspace 365 users fully utilize the security of Office 365 so they can work safely. For more info: https://protection.office.com

  28. What kind of security does Office 365 offer?
    For legal-counselors, schools, financial service providers and other institutions it is important that the security meets a number of security requirements. This is why Microsoft complies with standards like ISO 27001 (one of the best available security standards worldwide), FISMA, GLBA and FERPA. Next to this, Microsoft is willing to sign with each customer a data processing agreement, security amendment, HIPAA business associate agreement, and the EU model clauses. For more info: https://protection.office.com

  29. Which browsers are supporting Workspace 365?
    Workspace 365 is fully supported by the latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari for Mac. A Mobile View mode for smartphone devices is also available (note: no edit possibilities in this version).

  30. Is it possible to create a completely unique URL for a Workspace 365 environment?
    This is possible for parties which host Workspace 365 themselves (server-wise). Contact your specific reseller to discuss if this is possible. If we (New Day at Work B.V.) are hosting your Workspace, this is not possible since we use our own URL policy.

  31. Is a Redundant setup of Workspace 365 supported?
    Yes, a redundant setup is fully supported. However the redundant design depends on the desired configuration settings.

What went wrong?

  1. Why can’t I connect to Microsoft Exchange (email) within Workspace 365?
    When you are unable to connect to Exchange, check the following:
    • Is a corresponding Office 365 and Workspace 365 administrator account available and was that Exchange plan (license) assigned to this (Global) Administrator when validating Email in the Workspace?
    • Is there an Exchange plan (license) assigned to my own user account?
    • Did Microsoft announce a general problem with Exchange?
    • Test your Microsoft Exchange connection: https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com/.


  1. Why am I not able to connect to Email, Folders & Files or Settings as a normal user in the Workspace, while it was working earlier?
    When you are unable to connect to one of these features, it can be because of the Workspace Administrator not having identical passwords for both Workspace 365 and Office 365. If you experience this after already having used these features, please contact your Administrator.

  2. I can’t seem to find the Single Sign-On URL for the App I just added to the Azure Active Directory, where is it located?
    When logged into the Azure Management Portal open your Active Directory. Now go to Applications and select the App of your choice. Navigate to Dashboard: at the right side of the screen you will find the Single Sign-On URL which can be applied in Workspace 365.

  3. I cannot find the option to add a Shared Mailbox to the Email App, what should I do?
    If you can’t find the “Search Shared mailboxes” option on the Email Settings page, the Administrator probably still has to click Done on the Email Settings page. After that you should be able to find the option. Click it and the shared mailboxes will be appearing (if having the correct permissions).

  4. When I try to login to the Workspace using Single Sign-On, I got an error saying “Bad request”. What can I do to solve it?
    It could be that there is already some other active Azure session running in the browser. Clearing the browser cache and reopening the browser will help you Single Signing-on with the correct account.

  5. I cannot seem to find my personal OneDrive libraries in the Documents app(Folders & Files), what can be the reason of this?
    OneDrive needs to be opened at least once in Office 365 to finish the OneDrive provisioning, this is called the “MyBraryFirstRun”. If you are already using Workspace 365 and you finished the OneDrive provisioning, ask your Administrator to validate SharePoint again in Settings. Afterwards, you will find your OneDrive libraries under “My Documents” in the Documents app(Folders & Files).

  6. I want to import users with passwords in Workspace 365 but I cannot seem to find an example (.csv file)
    A .csv file can be used if you want to import users in Workspace 365, you can open the attached .csv file for an example of this.


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