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On our Support Portal you can find everything you need to know about configuration and troubleshooting Workspace 365. In this article, we'll discuss the different features. 


What are the benefits? 

The portal is divided into various sections, such as:

  • A search bar: easily navigate through our portal to get a quick answer to your question.
  • Easily submit requests (these will be discussed later on in this article). Submitting requests via our Support Portal can save you a lot of time. 
  • View your tickets from the homepage and stay up to date on any changes.
  • Documentation section, whereas under "Getting Started" you will find the Admin- and User Guides. Under the "Technical" and "Customer success" section, you will find technical articles meant for configuration, troubleshooting and a smooth onboarding of your customers.
  • FAQ & Most viewed, where you may find a quick answer to your question. 
  • Roadmap: stay up to date (or vote!) on all new features to come. 
  • Download & Updates table: stay up to date Workspace news and access our downloads needed for implementation of Workspace features/integrations.


How and when should I submit a ticket?

Not able to find your answer in one of our articles? Just simply submit a new ticket via the 'Submit ticket' button and we will handle your request straight away.
We recommend submitting tickets via our Support Portal. It's likely that we can handle your request faster, because we always ask for additional information needed for further troubleshooting when filling in the form. Also, recommended articles will be displayed that may already answer your question! This could save you time. 


What is a Change Request?

Via a Change Request you can request certain configuration changes or services, such as custom URLs, certificate requests and even a request for an emergency restore of an environment. All the information we need can be filled in when submitting the Change Request form, required for that specific change. The request will then be automatically forwarded to the correct team responsible for that change. This way, we can handle these requests effectively and efficiently


How can I submit new ideas?

Missing a feature in Workspace 365? Feel free to submit your request! We are monitoring these requests constantly. Just simply click on "Submit Feature Request" to register your idea. 
Keep an eye on our Roadmap. Here you can view ideas that already have been submitted and even vote for them! The more votes, the more likely we are to pick up on these requests.


How can I stay up to date?

By following sections and articles! For instance, when following our 'Latest announcements' section, you'll be notified per email when an announcement has been released and you never miss important news or updates! Just simply click on 'Follow' to stay up to date when new articles or announcements are released.


Anything else I need to know?

Our Support Portal is meant to keep you informed, answer your questions and handle requests effectively and efficiently. Next to submitting tickets, you can click on the WhatsApp hyperlink in the footer to start a live chat with one of our Support Engineers. Want to know more? Follow us on social media or take a look at our Partner Portal!

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