Latest version: v2.45.1


The Workspace 365 Roadmap shows what we are working on or are planning to work on. This roadmap represents the plan and vision of the New Day at Work team and is set-up with the help of requests from our partners. Do you have suggestions to improve Workspace 365? Let us know by adding or voting on ideas: Feature Requests  

  1. Interactive dashboard
    With live tiles it will become possible to help people do their work without opening external applications. We started by creating widgets to show items. 
    a. RSS-Feed (live) 
    b. Calendar (live)
    c. E-mail (live)
    d. Recently modified documents (live)
    e. Internal news feed from SharePoint (live)
    f.  Contacts (research)
    g. Power BI live tile (research)
    h. Tasks / Notes (research)

  2. File server integration (Beta)
    We are currently developing the beta of our file server integration; this will allow you to show your file server in the same way we now support SharePoint and OneDrive. This way you can manage all your documents (edit/move/create/etc.) from one document management app.

  3. Improving Remote Desktop Protocol support via Clientless RDP gateway
    Allowing users to access their windows legacy apps from their browser in just one click.
    - Support load balancing (in development)
    - Support broker (in development)

  4. Retrieving Office 365 profile pictures
    We are currently researching the best way to retrieve the Office 365 profile pictures.
    oAuth and the AD sync tool now support retrieving Office 365 profile pictures. We are currently researching the possibilities for supporting sync via the GUI.

  5. User friendly SSO setup/integration
    Improving the experience for all type of apps that are supported by Workspace 365, in a way that even default users will be able to configure their SSO apps and don’t need an administrator to configure it for them.

  6. Increase SaaS app availability for SSO
    One password to rule them all!

  7. Azure AD Sync tool (v1. béta) 
    Allowing partners to get users from the Azure Active Directory and push them into Workspace 365.

  8. Business App builder in HTML5
    Create simple Business App forms using our HTML5 Business App Builder.

  9. Interactive dashboard: Retrieving data via APIs to visualize content
    Gather all your data in Workspace 365 live tiles or Business Apps. We are currently researching the best way to retrieve and visualize data from well-known third party applications.

  10. Improved Branding & Personalization
    At this moment the design team is researching improvements on branding & personalization of the workspace. 

Note: this roadmap is intended as a guide for our partners to keep everyone aligned and therefore cannot be seen as a commitment. Feel free to get in contact with us if you think priorities should be different or if something is missing.

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