Shared mailboxes

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You can now easily retrieve shared mailboxes to which you have full access in the email app. From the sidebar, users can click the refresh button to retrieve new shared mailboxes. You can now change the order and visibility of your current mailboxes.


Configure shared mailboxes

    1. Go to workspace and open "Email".


    2. Click on the "Eye icon" to manage mailboxes. 


    3. Click on "Refresh", this will load automatically all your shared mailboxes.


      Shared mailboxes with only "Send access" don't appear automatically. You can add these manually by clicking on the "Plus icon".
    4. When they appear, you can also select the following:
      - Turn on/off the mailboxes you want to see.
      - Activate send as (Make sure you have the permission to use it as send address).
      - Use as default send address (You can do that only if you first activate "send as").
      - You can change the order.
      - You can delete (Unless it's your primary mailbox).


    5. Now click on "Save" and you will see your shared mailboxes.

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Adding multiple mailboxes/folders to the email tile

More information about multiple mailboxes/folders in tile can you find in this article.