Configuring Citrix XenApp in Workspace 365

Quick reference:
Settings -> App store

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Note: To enable Single Sign-On for the Citrix XenApp, you need to setup Citrix Federated Authentication Service to login to the NetScaler Gateway and StoreFront using SAML. For more details about the requirements, click here

Note: For the full Single Sign-On experience, our Launcher file needs to be placed in the web root of the corresponding Store. This launcher file is a service of us which is available on demand for partners. Not yet a partner? Click here to request partnership information, or send an email to



Log in as an administrator in Workspace 365. Go to the App store. Add a new 'Citrix XenApp'.




Customize the application to your needs and fill in the Server URL and Citrix app name. The Server URL is the URL of the Citrix server (gateway).

Keep in mind that the Citrix app name is capital sensitive. This must be equal to the published app name.

Lastly, you can set the desired permissions, Owners, Access and Conditional access for the application.



Now that the Citrix XenApp is published, you can push this app to the dashboard of individual or groups of users by using a "shared app group". 

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