Announcement: update Workspace 365 v2.26.0


The release of Workspace 365 v2.26.0 will be deployed on 26-11-2015 between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM Central European Time.​

The following will be implemented when this version goes live:



  • Great news, Citrix XenApp is now supported in Workspace 365. To configure your Citrix XenApp go to your Apps Management page as an admin. 
  • Note: Currently the Citrix XenApp password, stored in the apps settings, is shown in the URL with low-level encryption. We are currently developing a version which uses Single Sign-On and therefore passwords will be protected by using NetScaler Gateway. The current version will only work in Mozilla FireFox and our next version will support more browsers
  • Added the possibility for Administrators to set user permissions for predefined Shortcut Apps on the Apps management page
  • Added the possibility for Administrators to force (push) Shared App groups to the main page of Workspace users so that it is immediately visible
  • Administrators can now predefine URI’s in Shortcut Apps on the Apps Management page (which for example are used when configuring a Local App)
  • Administrators are now able to configure the language in the Azure Active Directory Sync Tool used for sending reset password emails to Workspace 365 users (Dutch or English)
  • Added a configuration setting for turning off user management related emails per instance


  • Fixed an error 500 paging issue for ADSync enabled users which do not have set a secondary email address and are trying to edit the profile image or email signature on the user profile page
  • Fixed an exporting issue for Business Apps records which contain a User Field and are exported using a template, which now results in stating the correct user value (name) instead of the User ID
  • Fixed an issue with broken navigation in folder link controls when the folder was in empty state and opened
  • Fixed various calculation errors when using calculation fields in Business App forms
  • Fixed an issue with exporting Business App overviews when it contains a User column show earlier deleted users, now resulting in correct export using Word or Excel
  • Fixed an issue with creation of folders using a folder link control in Business Apps and special characters in name generation, now resulting in correct creation of the folder and folder name without special characters
  • Fixed an error 500 issue which could be experienced when trying to create, edit or delete a Business App record after deletion of a default Business App overview
  • Fixed an issue with showing incorrectly formatted Date/time field values in Alert emails after enabling alerts at the Business App overview, now showing the value based upon the settings configured in the Business App field (using the Builder environment)
  • Fixed an issue when not having deactivated a Business App before deleting a Business App in the Builder environment, which resulted earlier in a permanently visible App which could not be deleted from the Apps Management page


  • Removed the “Save as” button when having opened a Business App record if no exporting templates are configured for the Business App
  • Improved loading times when opening Business App Overviews & Business App Records in Workspace 365