Announcement: update Workspace 365 v2.29.0


The release of Workspace 365 v2.29.0 will be deployed on 26-02-2016 between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM Central European Time.​

The following will be implemented when this version goes live:



  • Added the possibility to share Business App overview filter settings & searching settings with a link
  • Added a filter highlight to filtered Business App columns to clarify filtering is currently enabled
  • Added searching possibility to Dropdown fields and User fields in Business App overviews
  • Added the possibility to clear all active filters in selected Business App overview with just one click
  • Added a clear notification for Environment creators when failing to create an environment using incorrect SQL server credentials
  • Added icons to Workspace 365 which can be used for app tiles (Photoshop, Delve & Power BI)


  • Fixed an issue which caused Non-Aderant Business App records not to be saved when Aderant Integration is enabled
  • Fixed the User Group name which is shown when having opened a User Group at the Group Management page
  • Fixed an issue when sending an Email with special characters in the body , now showing the correct characters on the receiving side
  • Fixed the “Select all” checkbox functionality when adding lots of users to User Groups at the Group Management page
  • Fixed a sharing issue when trying to share files located in personal document libraries (MyDocuments)
  • Fixed an issue with focusing the Business App form when opening a Business App record, now always showing the top of the form when opened
  • Fixed behavior of Shared With Me folder content, which now result in showing all files shared with you using Workspace 365 Folders & Files App (or directly from Office 365 SharePoint)
  • Fixed filtering based upon user fields in Business App overviews
  • Fixed the copy buttons within Create a Link functionality & Active Directory Settings page
  • Added an "Admin emergency access" flow in case Single Sign On & Auto Redirect is active in the environment but with incorrectly applied Single Sign On settings.


  • Improved selection behavior when selecting users in user lists & Business app records in overviews, misclicking a selection box will not result in clearing the current selections
  • Exporting a Business App overview to Word/Excel is now also possible when a contained Dropdown field has no value in it
  • Improved focusing when opening a Business App record, which will now show the top of the Business App form when clicked “Open”. When clicked “Edit”, the Business App record will open with the focus on the first editable field
  • Users can now also be deleted via the provisioning API when a Workspace environment is currently inactive
  • A clear notification is now shown in the browser if a user navigates to a Workspace environment which is currently inactive
  • Added clear next step information to the browser page when using the Forgot Password procedure as a user (after clicking the forgot password link in the email)
  • Improved virtual keyboard behavior when replying/forwarding email using the iPad
  • Improved behavior of Business App column sizes when manually changing column size
  • Googleanalytics.js will not be loaded anymore when Google Analytics is not used for monitoring Workspace usage (relevant for New Day at Work Partners)