Announcement: update Workspace 365 v2.30.0


The release of Workspace 365 v2.30.0 will be deployed on 29-03-2016 between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM Central European Time. ​

The following will be implemented when this version goes live:



  • Users can now sent feedback about Workspace 365 using a form which can be opened via the Menu (can be found under the Support tab)
  • Added the possibility to open documents in Office Web Apps using a new browser tab using the iPad
  • Users can now change the color if individual app tiles in Workspace 365 when in edit mode
  • Users can also clear the specifically set colors for icons using the Clear button on the Edit App page
  • Applied filter/sorting/searching settings in Business App overviews will now be maintained when opening a record and going back to the overview
  • When a user sets a specific column width for a Business App column in the overview, this custom setting will now be maintained in the currently used browser until browser cache is cleared


  • Invitation emails will now be send again to users when created (synced) in Workspace 365 using AAD Sync
  • Fixed an issue with showing blank rows when switching between linked/unlinked Business App records, which now results in showing the record information in the rows again
  • Context menus are not visible anymore and will be closed after clicking on an action bar button
  • Permission options in the Invite User pop up (Documents App) now fit in the field and can be read more clearly using Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Downloading a file when in the Documents App using Safari iPad and Mac now results in downloading the file once and not opening multiple browser tabs
  • Fixed and improved loading indicator usage and placement when having opened the Email App for the first time in the current browser session
  • Fixed incorrect error messaging when trying to use illegal characters for a folder name in the Documents App
  • Users will not be redirected to the sign in page anymore when manually changing the Workspace URL using uppercase characters
  • Fixed the notification which users receive after moving an email to another folder
  • Added a clear error message when users upload files in the Documents App which cannot be uploaded due to the file name already existing at that location
  • Administrators can now set Shared App Group permissions for any amount of users
  • Administrators can now import +3000 users in Workspace 365 at once
  • Fixed an issue with uploading big files in Workspace 365, now 2GB files can be uploaded using the Documents App


  • Suffixes and prefixes used for UPN and groups (AD Sync setup) are now case sensitive and can be set accordingly
  • Improved the flow of “Add new shortcut” creation on the Apps Management page, now instantly opening the created app for editing
  • Groups and Users are now sorted alphabetically when having opened the Group Management page (groups based on group name & users based on email address)
  • Users are now sorted alphabetically (based on email address) when having opened the User Management page