Announcement: update Workspace 365 v2.34.0


The release of Workspace 365 v2.34.0 will be deployed on 05-08-2016 between 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM Central European Time. The following will be implemented when this version goes live, be aware that this version contains very valuable features which you can set up for your environments:


  • Users can now refresh Documents content in the "Cannot connect to SharePoint" pop up.
  • Added possibility for Workspace365 providers to configure SSO Settings by the Provisioning API.
  • Added possibility to have environment suggestions on the Landing page.
  • Admins can now upload icons to use as tile images.
  • Added support of Azure Active Directory signing key rollover.


  • Fixed an issue when calculated field used a sum (if) on a child field resulted in an error 500 on new record.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect error messaging in Workspace 365 when admin is importing users using POA settings.
  • Fixed an issue when restoring the Workspace worked incorrectly for user when clicked “Cancel”.
  • Fixed an issue resulted in multiple "Email" quick links in the Recent items menu list while it must be stated only once.
  • Fixed an issue with infinite loading in Email when the current selected inbox email is an Undeliverable without a subject.
  • Fixed an issue when admin changed SharePoint document libraries settings in W365 for the already logged in user it was applied only on one server in the webfarm [only for Loadbalancing].
  • Fixed an issue resulted in "Please refresh your Documents and Settings" pop up when user refreshed page when “Documents” app Recycle bin opened.
  • Fixed an issue resulted in page refresh after pressing “Enter” in the welcome wizard.
  • Fixed an issue when an iPad user was unable to use touch screen on the Workspace after editing the Workspace.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect modified date in shared with me folder in “Documents” app.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect icon alignment on the iPad.
  • Fixed wrong title of Select template location pop up.
  • Fixed an issue with no visible cost of Apps in Apps Management.


  • Dynamic document views (like “Shared with me”, “Shared”, “Recycle bin”) now also have Dutch translation.
  • Improved the layout of current RSS live tiles according with latest visual designs.
  • Improved adding Apps to the Workspace with opening settings screen immediately after adding a single app to the workspace.