Set your workspace as a template for new and/or current users

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Workspace administrators can save a template of their current workspace. This means the template is updated with all of the Personal and Shared app groups that the administrator has set in his/her own workspace (or you can return to the default workspace). This template can be pushed to users. This allows you to set up the workspace of new or current users within seconds.

When pushing the workspace template, by default Shared tile groups will always be presented at the top of the workspace followed by the Personal groups under it. 



Navigate to Settings -> Workspace management. You can choose whether you want to set your own template for:

  • New users: only new created users will have the exact same workspace. Existing users will not be updated. 
  • New and current users: all exiting users and new users will have the same workspace.
Choosing for New and current users will overwrite all current personal workspaces.


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