Latest version: v2.53
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Workspace templates


It is important to learn how to set up a Workspace template. This will allow you to set up the workspaces of new users within seconds. After completing the steps in the document, you will be able to set your workspace as a template.

As an Administrator, you can save a template of your current Workspace main page. This means the template is updated with all of the Personal App Groups that the Administrator has set in his own Workspace. After setting the template, only new created users will have the exact same main page. Existing users will not be updated.

Note: The template contains only the Personal App Groups. Shared App Groups have to be organized in a different way explained in here.

 Log in to Workspace 365. Navigate to “Settings” -> “Workspace management”.

On this page you have the ability to choose if you want to set your workspace as a template for new users. If you make changes to your workspace you need to update the template. Click “Set my workspace as template” to do so.



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